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Recent Cultivar and Germplasm Releases

Pembroke 2014 is an early maturing, semi-dwarf soft red winter wheat  cultivar with resistance to Fusarium head blight, high yield potential, excellent test weight and resistance to lodging.  Pembroke 2014 was released directly to the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association for production and marketing.

Pembroke 2016 is also early, heading about 1 day later than Pembroke 2014 and short statured, though it's lodging resistance under high nitrogen is not as pronounced as Pembroke 2014.  In high yield environments, it has higher yield potential than Pembroke 2014 with only slightly lower test weight.  Pembroke 2016 also has moderate FHB resistance, and like Pembroke 2014, the resistance comes from the major effect QTL Fhb1. Pembroke 2016 was released directly to the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association for production and marketing.

KY06C-11-3-10  scab resistant soft red winter wheat germplasm (Reg. No. GP-965, PI 669817),  that combines three exotic QTL and native resistance in a well-adapted (‘McCormick’) background.  It was developed through marker-assisted backcrossing.